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Kerala Recipes

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Vegetable pizza prepared in oven recipe

Vegetable pizza prepared in oven recipe is given here. Vegetable pizza is a favourite fast food for people in Kerala. In this article you will come across many new tips about how a vegetable pizza is prepared in the oven. This is the one of the favorite dish of children. From the name itself we can feel that there is something special in that dish.

Apple pancake - Ingredients and preparation

Apple pancake ingredients and preparation method are described here. This is a special healthy nutritional food loved by children and can be prepared easily in the home itself.This is a special dish include ingredients such as apple, grape, milk, wheat etc.

Vegetable stew recipe - Ingredients and preparation

Vegetable stew recipe ingredients and preparation method is described here. Vegetable stew is a delicious, tasty and healthy dish that are usually prepared in our houses. This is a healthy dish which includes carrot, beans, potato in required proportion and can be had with other items like appam and dosha.

Kerala special chicken biryani recipe

Do yoy know who to prepareKerala special chicken biryani? Kerala special chicken biryani recipe is given here. Chicken biryani is one of the favorite recipes for people in Kerala. We know that there are different types of biryani like chicken biryani, vegetable biryani etc. Chicken biriyani is considered as the most delicious among these. Read this article to know the entire tips in the preparation of chicken biriyani.

Marble cake with butter icing - Ingredients and preparation

Marble cake with butter icing ingredients preparation recipe is given here. Marble cake with butter icing on the top is a sweet snack to have with tea. Cake is the one of the delicious and soft food item that we can prepare in home itself. Now we are done icing over the cake after it has prepared for better taste. Read this article to know more about preparation of the marble cake with butter icing on the top.

Puran poli recipe - Ingredients and preparation

Puran poli recipe with ingredients and preparation method is described here. Puran poli is a famous recipe similar to chapatis. It is delicious and the addition of potatoes in it adds to it's taste. 'Puran puri' is another caption for this and are widely used in and around Kerala. This is a simple one to try while at home and is guaranteed that every members of your family will love to have more from you.

Kerala special pakoda (pakora) recipe - Ingredients and preparation

Kerala special pakoda (pakora)recipe, ingredients and preparation method is described here. Pakoda or pakora is a famous spicy snack in Kerala. Everyone would love to have this with their evening tea and is even very simple to prepare at your home itself. Now its all yours, hop into the kitchen and start preparing your husband's or children's favourite spicy snack 'pakoda'.

Shrikand (sweet dessert) Recipe - Ingredients and preparation

Shrikand (sweet dessert) recipe, ingredients and preparation tips are given here. Shrikhand is one of the famous sweet made in and around Kerala using curd which is strained (greek yogurt). Saffron, cardamom or diced fruits are mainly used as flavors for shrikand and is also considered to have low fat and creamy delight.

Steamed chicken kebab recipe - Preparation and history

Steamed chicken kebabs ingredients and preparation are given here. Steamed chicken kebabs are very famous in and around Kerala. People will die to have this unique and tasty dish. This dish will drive you crazy and take you to a spicy and delicious world. This is very easy to prepare and takes very less time to complete.

Coconut Barfi - Ingredients and preparation

Coconut Barfi - Ingredients and preparation details are given here. Coconut barfi is a sweet barfi which is considered as a traditional recipe and is famous in Kerala too. Coconut barfi is very tasty and a healthy barfi recipe. So why are you waiting for, hop into your kitchen and start going.

Kerala special guava and mango toffees - Ingredients and preparation

Kerala special guava and mango toffees preparation methods are explained here. Mango and guava toffees are a favourite item for all people. How exciting it will be if those toffees are prepared at your home itself. Toffees can be prepared using guava, mango and apple. Tips and methods for preparing them are given below. Have fun and enjoy your home made toffees with others.

Delicious vanilla pudding with chocolate - Ingredients and preparation

Delicious vanilla pudding with chocolate preparation method is explained here. Vanilla pudding with chocolate grated is one among the easiest and tasty sweet dish that you have ever tried. It is delicious and healthy also. Different flavors are available in the market but this one is special. Read this article and try this sweet recipe while your leisure time.

Kerala special chicken soup - Ingredients and preparation

Read this article to learn how to make chicken soup easily and tasty. Chicken soups are much more tasty compared to other dishes and is a favourite dish in Kerala. Different types of soups can be prepared in many ways according to one's taste.

Mutton Keema biryani with mint (puthina) chutney

Mutton keema biriyani is one of the famous main rice dishes that many malayalees would love to have with some mint (puthina) chutney. This article share the entire procedure for making this mutton recipe. So why are you waiting for. Hope into the kitchen and start cooking your favorite dish.

Hawaiian rice recipe - A delicious main dish

Hawaiian rice is a delicious and mouth watering dish with high nutritional content too. This dish have great demand in south India mainly Kerala. It is a perfect family dish to have during get together. Read this article to know how to prepare the delicious Hawaiian rice dish within no time.

Kurumulaku (pepper) Kozhakkatta recipie

Kurumulaku (pepper)Kozhakkatta recipe is given here. Kozhakkta is a delicious dish that we regularly prepare in my home. Easiness of the method of preparation and availability of the ingredients made this favorite to us and of course to our family. Main ingredient rice flour will always be available in my home for idiyappam and other ingredients too are used regularly for other dishes. The duration of time taken to prepare is also very less.

Yam (chena) Mezhukkupurati Recipe

Yam is an easily available vegetable in our home and in market. Yam contains oestrogen which is required for woman. We can try different recepies with Yam like mezhukkupuratti,thoran,fry moru curry puzhukku etc. It is a very tasty vegeteble with light sweetness. Yam(Chena)Mezhukkupuratti is the commonly used food items in the all part of the Kerala

Kumbillappam and Neyappam: Authentic dishes from 'God's own Country'

Do you searching a best dish to attract your family?. Enjoy Kumbilappam and Neyyappam with a nice hot cup of tea and coffee. No doubt this Kumbilappam and Neyyappam recipes are best opt for you and It is best, when served warm. When you prepare this recipe you forget yourself because of it fragrance. So Please try this dish at your home.

Recipe of Rasam

I am sure, being a Keralite, you all have heard about the tasty dish, Rasam. But, are you aware of the easy technique of preparing it? If not, read the below procedure and you too will be able to make a tasty rasam soon.

Ring of Pears – Sweet pudding and easy to make

Ring of pears is a sweet dish which is very famous and attractive for people in Kerala. It is rich in proteins and vitamins. This pudding is perfect to have during evening or after the meals. This article reveals the details of how to prepare Ring of Pears.

Butter Chicken – Delicious Chicken Recipe

Butter chicken is one of the favorite chicken dishes for its great taste and huge content. Butter is the main ingredient of this recipe. This article reveals all the details to make a delicious Butter chicken in your house. Try it on your own.

Kerala style Koombu Thoran and Vazhakkai Mezhukkupuratti

Koombu Thoran / Banana Flower and Vazhakkai Mezhukkupuratti/Raw Plantain Stir Fry are the popular dishes in Kerala. These are usually prepared to be eaten along with the steamed rice. It is usually served as part of the 'Kerala Sadhya'.Quick and easy recipes are given below.Try it out and have a great time.

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