Tips To Keep Body Healthy

Read this article on Tips To Keep Body Healthy. The better health of our body is our wealth. We can keep our body healthy easily. We can easily control our body health physically and mentally thorough practicing regular exercise and Yoga. Add fiber enriched food in your diet. We can keep our body healthy through healthy diet. Some tips for keeping our body healthy are given here

The health of a person is his or her wealth. In this modern life we do not have required time to keeping our body health so there are increase the chances of diseases in this modern life. Diabetes, cholesterol and hypertension is a common disease in this modern life, our food and irregularities in the daily routine are the main causes of this type of diseases. We should find at least 30 minutes per day for exercise and avoid packaged food and hotel food, prepare our food at home are the better way to keep our body healthy. Here are some tips for keep our body health mentally and physically.

Thirteen tips for keep our body health mentally and physically

1. Avoid breads and baked goods made with white flour, soft drinks and snack foods.

2. Include fiber enriched food in your diet which will help to control the cholesterol and blood sugar level.

3. Reduce the intake of fatty food like meat, large fishes, butter, fried foods, peanut etc, which raise your risk of heart disease, instead use fresh vegetables, Oats and small fishes like sardine( chala), mackerel ( which contain omega-03 fatty acid it reduce the chances of heart disease, arthritis, joint tenderness.

4. Don't use processed foods; during processing the foods have lost its contents like minerals, nutrients, and vitamins.

5. Don't over cook the vegetables, due to over cook have lost its contents like minerals, nutrients, and vitamins.

6. Drink lot of water, at least 8 glasses per day. Deficiency of water will develop lot of health problems like urinary infection, tiredness etc. Drinking lot of water will reduce the chances of health problems.

7. Maintain closely relationship with your friends and family members and also include in social activities, religious ties, etc. which is make your mind fresh and healthy.

8. Avoid over usage of alcohol and other soft drinks. Moderate usage of alcohol, use it as a medicine, is good for your heath. It reduces lot of health problems like hear diseases and also it reduce the risk of death. At the same time the excess consumption of alcohol will cause lot of health problems like liver disease, hear disease, kidney problems, etc.

9. Avoid smoking, which will increase the chances of lungs diseases.

10. Practice regular exercise which will keep your body from health problems. Regular exercise lower the cholesterol and blood sugar level and it helps to reduces eye problems and also keeps our body healthy physically and mentally.

11. Include tomato, and green tea in your diet which reduce the chances of cancer. The tomato is rich source of lycopene which reduce the risk of diseases such as lung, prostate, stomach, cervical, breast, oral, colorectal, prostate cancer. Green tea contains caffeine it lower the cholesterol level, and also which is capable to prevent cancer, and Parkinson's disease. The usage of green tea reducing headache.

12. Practice Yoga, is a traditional method of meditation which reduces the level of harmful hormones causes stress and depression, facilitate easy respiration, control the blood sugar and cholesterol, normalize the endocrine functions, reduce the musculoskeletal problems etc, Yoga makes your body healthy mentally and physically.

13. Avoid drugs intake, use traditional medication to treat diseases like cough, fever, throat pain , head ache, stomach disorder etc.

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