Kerala monsoon seasons and special rain types

This article deals with the Kerala owns monsoon seasons. Our ancestor had a better knowledge about the rain. So the possible information related to the monsoon seasons and the special rain types are included in this article.

We have three monsoons in our state. They are south-west monsoon, north-east monsoon and edavapathi. There are several details like atmospheric pressure, atmospheric humidity, the way and speed of wind, the variations in the pressure of the coastal area, the variations in the clouds that are situated in the sky and the vapour content in the atmospheric air. In ancient days in Kerala, the calculations about the rain are take place by means of these factors. Thus the idea of rainy seasons are as per the olden mythology is also followed in the modern days.


Thunder rain and mid rain

The rain which was not falls in south-west monsoon and north-east monsoon. But about 10% of rain is from the mid rain or eda mazha. It is also known as summer rain. January and April are the months in which the summer rain falls. There is an increase in the temperature of atmosphere after the summer rain. The rain falling that is associated with thunder storm and lightening is known as the thunder rain or edi mazha. When the temperature in the atmosphere increases, then the rain starts falling. And also the water we get from the edi mazha is more within a short duration. The rain starts before the thunderstorm and lightening occurs and then the rain drops that are bigger than that of the ordinary rain drops is starts falling. This is one of the rains that falls continuously without any break.

South-west monsoon

The rain which extends from the 15th edavam to 15th kanni is termed as the south-west monsoon or kaalavarsham. In the jubilee year of Kerala, about 60% of the rain is by means of south-west monsoon. There is a slight variation in this monsoon. But it is definitely started from first June. The south-west monsoon travels in the njattuvela's mainly karthika, rohini, makayiram, thiryvathira, punartham, pooyam and aayiliam. The main characteristic of south-west mansoon is to fall with a few breaks and starts raining. At this time the food substances has a special taste than that of in the normal conditions.

North-east monsoon

The rain which is extended from the month of thulam to the half of makayiram is termed as north-east monsoon. About 20% of the rain is achieved from our state from this monsoon. It is the only rain which starts from afternoon onwards to the night. Thulavarsham is another name of north-east monsoon. The wells are filled with water due to the north- east monsoon rain. Also the growth of mushroom is more in this rainy season. Chira muriyan, varambhu muriyan, kallurutti, and panthalorukki are the names that are used by the farmers to call the north-east monsoon.

100th number and 40th number rain

100th number rain is the coldest rain in which an increase in the amount of rain may cause the thick fog formation. In 40th number rain, hot cold and fog rain are occurs. Through 40th number rain, we get sufficient water than that of the 100th number rain. The crops are also more in the time of 40th number rain. Coffee, cardamom, ginger, and pepper are the crops mostly grown in the 40th number rain. These are the rains that are different from ordinary rain fall.

Necessity of rain

Rain is one of the most necessary one for the betterment of all living things. Farmers prepare their field by means of the possibilities of rain. The living things are as much dependent on the essential water obtained through rain. Scarcity of water gets away by sufficient rain fall. So the knowledge about the monsoon is an effective tool for the development in agricultural and industrial field.

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