Farhaan Faazil Malayalam Actor – Profile, Biography and Upcoming Movies

Farhaan Faazil malayalam actor profile, biography and upcoming movies are given here. Farhaan Faazil is another newcomer in the Malayalam movie industry. He will be making debut in an untitled movie directed by Rajeev Ravi along with another debutante Aahana Krishna. Before marking his entry into the film world, he had completed a graduation course in Visual Communications and a certification in Acting from Anupam Kher Institute of Acting in Mumbai.


Farhaan Faazil is a trained actor said to take the world of cinema by storm. He is going to act in a film directed by Rajeev Ravi. The upcoming actor is the younger son of a noted film maker in the Malayalam movie industry. His name is Faazil. The movie director's elder son Faahad Faazil has already marked his presence in the Malayalam movie industry as an accomplished actor. Before his entry into the field of cinema, he honed up his acting skills at Anupam Kher Acting Institute in Mumbai. This film is the second venture by Rajeev Ravi. The first being Annayum Rasoolum. In his first venture, the director roped in Faahad Faazil to experiment with success.
Farhaan Faazil Malayalam Actor – Profile, Biography and Upcoming Movies

Early Life and Education

Farhaan Faazil was born to a Muslim family from Central Kerala. His father is a noted filmmaker Fazil and his mother Rosima is a housewife. He has an elder brother whose name is Faahad Faazil. His elder brother has already carved his niche as an actor in the Malayalam film world. His original name is Vachu. Farhaan Faazil is his screen name. He also has a sister whose name is Fathima. He had done his formal education from a reputed school near his house. After successfully completing the formal education, his parents decided to put him in a higher secondary school near his house. He completed his higher secondary education with distinction. Later, he enrolled himself in a reputed junior college for doing his plus two course. During his college days, he was active in public forums as an actor. He loved acting in small dramas, skits, etc. He also presented mono acts effectively to take his audience along with him.

Farhaan was very sure about his acting skills, as he could win accolades for his performances. So, after his plus two course, he decided to take up a course in visual communications to keep alive his hopes to make big in the movie field. While he was doing his visual communications course, he learned the art and science of film making from the masters in the field. Since his childhood days, he was fascinated about the opportunities that are in store for actors in the film world. So, he opted to join a film institute to learn about acting. As a result of this decision, he joined Anupam Kher Institute of Acting in Mumbai. He owed his acting skills to his meticulous training he underwent at the Mumbai-based Anupam Kher Institute. Moreover, the traits of acting is there with his family. This also helped him to gain acceptance as an actor.

Tryst with Destiny

The movie director Rajeev Ravi first saw Farhaan Fazil at a film set when he was accompanying his elder brother. His elder brother was visiting the shooting site for the film Annayum Rasoolum. In this film, his brother was donning the role of a protagonist. In the shooting site, the movie director Rajeev Ravi interacted with Farhaan and understood his intentions. The young boy opened up his mind and told what he was doing and what he intended to do in the glamorous field of acting. That was the reason why the movie director opted for Farhaan in his next movie.

Prelude to His Entry into Mollywood

Being a talented son of a noted filmmaker, Farhaan Faazil was aware of in and out of film. Many reputed directors, actors, writers, singers and other technicians in the industry used to visit his home to meet his illustrious father. He used to hear the ideas being generated during such meetings. That was the reason, he was very much interested in the art of film making and acting. For experimenting the half-baked ideas he generated, he wanted to learn more about the art of film making. With this intention in his mind, he joined the visual communications course and learned how practically the films are made in the real world. He also wanted to learn fine tenets of acting. So, he attended a training course in acting at Mumbai-based Anupam Kher Institute.

Stint in Malayalam Film World

Farhaan Faazil was picked up by the movie maker Rajeev Ravi to act in his next movie. In this film, he would be acting opposite to Aahana Krishna. This movie will be unique in the sense the chief protagonists are two star kids. Farhaan Faazil would be making entry as the hero whereas Aahana Krishna would be his love interest in this movie. Aahana Krishna is the daughter of well-known actor Krishna Kumar. The shooting of the film has already begun at different locations in Thiruvananthapuram. The crew members of the film unit are tight lipped about the plot and the title of the movie. Aahana Krishna is still studying for her degree in Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu.

First Time Shooting Experience

According to the star kids, the whole shooting unit is providing a unique and exceptional experience to them. The senior members are magnanimous enough to share their acting experience with these kids. Both the new entrants to the film industry are busy learning the secrets of the trade from the masters of the game. Both of them are trying to learn from each other and are trying to develop rapport and on-screen chemistry with one another. The director of the movie is happy about the progress they have made at the shooting site. They are focused on their job and devoting more time at the set interacting with senior artist to learn from them the techniques on facial expressions.

Farhaan's Reflections on the Offer

Farhaan Faazil did not want to compare him with this illustrious elder brother Faahadh Faazil, as his brother has attained stardom in the Malayalam movie industry within a short span of time. He was also equally dismissive about the launch pad provided by his illustrious father Fazil. On the contrary, he felt his association with his father and elder brother had brought more responsibilities and pressure on him when he decided to take up this offer. He was humble enough to acknowledge the magnanimity showered upon him by Rajeev Ravi who chose to make him the chief protagonist in his next movie. According to the Farhaan's own words, this magnanimity has forced him to work hard and provide the expected output in his first maiden movie. He further added that he was spending more time at the shooting location, trying to figure out the traits of his characters and learn few tips about the art of acting from the senior artists working with him.


Farhaan Faazil is another star kid who will be making big in the Malayalam movie industry. He is the younger son of the noted filmmaker Fazil. He will be following the footsteps of his illustrious elder brother Faahad Faazil to carve his niche in the world of glamour and stardom. His original name is Vaachu Faazil. Before getting an offer to act in films, he has completed his graduation in Visual Communications. In order to further his acting ambitions, he has undergone a certification course in acting at Mumbai-based Anupam Kher Institute of Acting. While making his debut in the Malayalam movie industry, he will be acting in an untitled movie directed by the cinematographer-turned movie director Rajeev Ravi. The shooting of this movie has already begun at different locations in the capital city of Kerala. In this untitled movie, he will be acting opposite to Aahana Krishna. The other co-stars in this movie are not yet known. Aahana Krishna is the daughter of a noted actor Krishna Kumar. Coincidentally, the same movie director had made a film titled Annayum Rasoolum with his elder brother Faahad Faazil. This movie was able to make big at the box office in the state and put his brother amongst the stars in the industry. The movie director wanted to make a similar feat with Farhaan Faazil this time around. We will have to wait and see the movie hitting the screens to get an answer to this question.

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